Monday, July 6, 2015

Yes Now All You Do Need Is Love!

I would like to thank all my friends who got married in the past years.
They helped pave the road for all  to have the basic freedom!   
God Bless America!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gay Central Park Weddings

Come Get Married In Central Park This Year!
Any one who lives in the USA or any other Country is welcome to get  marry in  New York City & New York State. 

In order to get married you must obtain a Marriage License. 
The Manhattan City Clerk Office is on
141 Worth Street  New York, NY 10013   
Hours: 8:30 am to 3:45 pm, Monday through Friday 

Offers many Wedding Packages

Is the perfect place to scout our a location or learn and about permits 

Supreme Court strikes down DOMA; rules it interferes with states, ‘dignity’ of same-sex marriages

The Supreme Court released two major decisions expanding gay rights across the country Wednesday. The justices struck down a federal law barring the recognition of same-sex marriage in a split decision, ruling that the law violates the rights of gays and lesbians and intrudes into states' rights to define and regulate marriage. The court also dismissed a case involving California's gay marriage ban, ruling that supporters of the ban did not have the legal standing, or right, to appeal a lower court's decision striking down Proposition 8.
The decision clears the way for gay marriage to again be legal in the nation's most populous state, even though the justices did not address the broader legal argument that gay people have a fundamental right to marriage.
The twin decisions throw the fight over gay marriage back to the states, since the court ruled the federal government must recognize the unions if states sanction them, but did not curtail states' rights to ban gay marriage if they choose.
Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court's conservative-leaning swing vote with a legal history of supporting gay rights, joined his liberal colleagues in the DOMA decision, which will dramatically expand the rights of married gay couples in the country to access more than 1,000 federal benefits and responsibilities of marriage previously denied them.
"The avowed purpose and practical effect of the law here in question are to impose a disadvantage, a separate status, and so a stigma upon all who enter into same-sex marriages made lawful by the unquestioned authority of the States," Kennedy wrote of DOMA. He concluded that states must be allowed by the federal government to confer "dignity" on same-sex couples if they choose to legalize gay marriage. DOMA "undermines" same-sex marriages in visible ways and "tells those couples, and all the world, that their otherwise valid marriages are unworthy of federal recognition."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New York City's Power Brides

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) - From the beginning, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s wedding plans were played out on a very public stage — last year she interrupted a news conference to announce the passage of same-sex marriage legislation, and said it would make her own nuptials possible.
But the celebration itself was mostly private. The media wasn’t invited on Saturday when Quinn — the city’s first openly gay council speaker — married her longtime partner, Kim Catullo. But 1010 WINS reporter Gary Baumgarten was able to speak with residents in Chelsea who came out to support the happy couple.

Congratulations are in order for Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni, who were legally married this weekend in New York!
Cynthia Nixon made the long Memorial Day weekend extra special this year by tying the knot with her long-time partner, Christine Marinoni.
Cynthia, 46, and Christine, 45, have been together for nearly eight years and have a one year old son, Max Ellington.
“On May 27, 2012, Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, were legally married in the state of New York,” Cynthia’s rep told People. “Nixon wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

NYC Pride Guide Now Out & Celebrating Marriage Equality! 

Check out my Bouquet on page 62 and 63!

 Photography  by .Steve Rosen

And The "Maid's " were never more charming!

Only in America!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama declares support for gay marriage!

By Rick Klein 
President Obama today announced that he now supports same-sex marriage, reversing his longstanding opposition amid growing pressure from the Democratic base and even his own vice president.

Obama declares support for gay marriage

In an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts, the president described his thought process as an “evolution” that led him to this place, based on conversations with his own staff members, openly gay and lesbian service members, and conversations with his wife and own daughters.

"I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don't Ask Don't Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” Obama told Roberts, in an interview to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday. Excerpts of the interview will air tonight on ABC’s “World News with Diane Sawyer.”

The president stressed that this is a personal position, and that he still supports the concept of states deciding the issue on their own. But he said he’s confident that more Americans will grow comfortable with gays and lesbians getting married, citing his own daughters’ comfort with the concept.

“It’s interesting, some of this is also generational,” the president continued. “You know when I go to college campuses, sometimes I talk to college Republicans who think that I have terrible policies on the economy, on foreign policy, but are very clear that when it comes to same sex equality or, you know,  believe in equality. They are much more comfortable with it. You know, Malia and Sasha, they have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. There have been times where Michelle and I have been sitting around the dinner table and we’re talking about their friends and their parents and Malia and Sasha, it wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.”
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Roberts asked the president if First Lady Michelle Obama was involved in this decision. Obama said she was, and he talked specifically about his own faith in responding.
“This is something that, you know, we’ve talked about over the years and she, you know, she feels the same way, she feels the same way that I do. And that is that, in the end the values that I care most deeply about and she cares most deeply about is how we treat other people and, you know, I, you know, we are both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others but, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is, not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated. And I think that’s what we try to impart to our kids and that’s what motivates me as president and I figure the most consistent I can be in being true to those precepts, the better I’ll be as a as a dad and a husband and hopefully the better I’ll be as president.”

Previously, Obama has moved in the direction of supporting same-sex marriage but has consistently stopped short of outright backing it. Instead, he’s voiced support for civil unions for gay and lesbian couples that provide the rights and benefits enjoyed by married couples, though not defined as “marriage.” At the same time, the president has opposed efforts to ban gay marriage at the state level, saying that he did not favor attempts to strip rights away from gay and lesbian couples.

The president’s position became a flashpoint this week, when Vice President Joe Biden pronounced himself “absolutely comfortable” with allowing same-sex couples to wed.

Obama aides insisted there was no daylight between the positions held by the president and his vice president when it comes to legal rights, but as other prominent Democrats also weighed in in favor of gay marriage, the disconnect became difficult for the White House to explain away.

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The announcement completes a turnabout for the president, who has opposed gay marriage throughout his career in national politics. In 1996, as a state Senate candidate, he indicated support for gay marriage in a questionnaire, but Obama aides later disavowed it and said it did not reflect the candidate’s position.

In 2004, as a candidate for the US Senate, he cited his own religion in framing his views: “I'm a Christian. I do believe that tradition and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman.”

He maintained that position through his 2008 presidential campaign, and through his term as president, until today.

As president in 2010, Obama told ABC’s Jake Tapper that his feelings about gay marriage were “constantly evolving. I struggle with this.” A year later, the president told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, “I’m still working on it.”

“I probably won't make news right now, George,” Obama said in October 2011. “But I think that there's no doubt that as I see friends, families, children of gay couples who are thriving, you know, that has an impact on how I think about these issues.”

Obama’s decision has political connotations for the fall.

The issue divides elements of the Democratic base, with liberals and gay-rights groups eager to see the president go farther, but with gay marriage far less popular among African-American voters.

Just yesterday, in North Carolina, voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage. President Obama carried North Carolina in 2008, and its status as a 2012 battleground was guaranteed by Democrats’ decision to hold their convention in Charlotte this summer.

Obama’s likely Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, opposes gay marriage, and fought his state’s highest court when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage in 2004, when Romney was governor. Romney said on the campaign trail Monday that he continues to oppose gay marriage.

“My view is that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman,” Romney said. “That’s the position I’ve had for some time, and I don’t intend to make any adjustments at this point. … Or ever, by the way.”

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jennifer Roberts of Sweet Elements offered to share her booth with me today.

We look forward to supporting out gay friends, family and neighbors in a very sweet way!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Floral Tithing & Mitzvah Wedding Flowers for Freedom to Marry!

For EveryGay Couple/Family I work with this year, I will give 10% of my profits to Freedom To Marry!

It's is so important for all in love should have the right to live with the Dignity and Grace of marriage .

A small token of my political affection! 


Nancy Swiezy

Events Weddings & Flowers

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pope Claims Gay Marriage Is a Threat to Humanity


During a Monday address to the diplomatic corps assigned to the Vatican, Pope Benedictsaid that same-sex marriage threatens the future of humanity, reports Reuters.
Diplomats from nearly 180 countries listened as he touched on economic and social issues facing our world. “This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself,” Benedict said.
Vatican and Catholic officials have protested against moves to legalize gay marriage around the world, including New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, whom the pope will elevate to cardinal next month.
The Roman Catholic Church reaches 1.3 billion members worldwide, and teaches that homosexual acts are sinful and children should grow up in a traditional family with a mother and a father.

Oh Dear!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was so touched when their Officiant started to tear up. I guess this was her first gay wedding as well !
Brovo....  I mean Koodo's TLC.

A Comment From Anonymous
SHAME on TLC again or taking a seemingly family friendly show and dragging it through the mud and tossing it right on top of the garbage heep. Another TLC show bites the dust! Disgusting.

Dear Anonymous,   
Shame on You For 
1. Being anonymous 
2. Not wanting my family and maybe even yours??? to have the same rights that you have.
3. By the way their is no shame in being gay, their is being a racist!
4. So who's in the closet now ....


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Butch Clothing Company Fine Tuxedos and Long Suits For Women


Tux Tips from Shaz Riley of The Butch Clothing Company

Shaz Riley, owner of The Butch Clothing Company in the UK, offers formalwear tips for butch brides.
From www.equallywed.comBy Brittny Drye 
There are few things that look as cool as a chick in cuff links, and your wedding day is the perfect excuse to make a formalwear investment.  However, since most of us don’t use suit jargon on a daily basis, it can be intimidating to suddenly be faced with terminology such as the scye, notch vs. shawl lapels, and cummerbunds.

Shaz Riley owner of The Butch Clothing Company, which consults and creates formalwear for butch women, shares her tips for brooms who are on the hunt for aisle attire:
  • Consider a color that works with your already stylish wardrobe and think how you would wear the suit post-wedding—the jacket with a pair of jeans when taking your new wife to dinner, the trousers to work with a nice crisp shirt, or the waistcoat with your shorts in the hot summer sun. Mix it up, enjoy it, use it!

    • Look at magazines and online to get style ideas of what you like. There are many options and you should consider these choices before contacting your tailor so you have a starting point for your consultation.

      • If at all possible, buy your suit opposed to renting it. A well-made suit will last you 15 years and should be tailored to fit even through weight fluctuation. The initial outlay is heavy but considering the future uses, it is indeed a worthy investment.

        • There is an art to wearing a bespoke garment. Be aware that all of the excess fabric in a store-bought suit is gone. It may feel a little restrictive at first but will soon form to your body.

          • Always consider a handmade shirt to match your suit, as it’s rare for a butch woman to find a shirt with a double cuff, fitting both her body shape and arm length. It’s a luxury but it’s an incredible feeling to have a shirt that fits like a glove and the excitement of cufflinks to match!

            • A tailor should lead your initial consultation for you, asking what colors you prefer and showing you styles of collars, jacket fronts, pockets, etc. Make sure the tailor has an extensive fabric and lining selection. Take your time; do not be rushed. A consultation could easily last 2-3 hours.

              • Be sure to wear a suit or jacket and trousers you already own to the consultation. These may not be a perfect fit but they work as a great guide for your made-to-measure suit!

                *The Butch Clothing Company offers international consultations via Skype. Email Shaz Riley at  for more information.

                Sunday, November 20, 2011

                Standing On Ceremony..Who Was The Wedding Planner? July Taymore !

                So looking forward to seeing this play!
                And yes Kelly, Mark Consuelos is dreamy!


                The show was just  wonderful!!!

                It just proves that Love is Love no mater what the gender mix is.

                The great pool of talent made this group of short one acts  a most touching evening.

                Sunday, October 23, 2011

                Sunday, August 28, 2011

                N.J. Store Refuses To Sell A Wedding Dress To A Lesbian Bride

                Last weekend, Alix Genter found the perfect wedding dress. But on Tuesday, the store's owner called and refused to sell it to her.

                "She said she wouldn't work with me because I'm gay," Genter told The Philadelphia Daily News. "She also said that I came from a nice Jewish family, and that it was a shame I was gay. She said, 'There's right, and there's wrong. And this is wrong.' "

                Apparently, after Genter left Here Comes the Bride, a Somers Point, New Jersey, wedding boutique, the store's owner, Donna Saber, took a moment to look over Genter's customer-information sheet. That's when she noticed that Genter had crossed out "groom" and written in "partner" and her fiancee's name—and decided that she wasn't going to do business with her.

                In a voice mail (which you can listen to right here, thanks to, Saber told Genter, "what you are describing in this paperwork here is illegal" and "we do not participate in any illegal actions." But it looks like Saber isn't much of a legal eagle: New Jersey allows civil unions, and Genter and her longtime partner planned to marry in New York, where gay marriage was recently legalized. Furthermore, in New Jersey, it is against the law to refuse to buy from, sell to, contract or otherwise do business with an individual because of the individual's sexual orientation, according to the state's Attorney General office—which means that Saber did participate in an illegal action after all, just not the one she incorrectly accused her customer of planning.

                Also, the irony: Some of the most popular wedding dress designers out there are gay, which means that Saber makes her living by selling things created by the same people she condemns.

                When Philadelphia Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky called Saber to get her point of view, not only did Saber confirm Genter's story, she accused the bride-to-be of "stirring up drama." Polaneczky writes:
                She said that your writing the word "partner" was basically a provocation, evidence of a need "to show that she's different."

                "They get that way," she told me.

                By "they," she meant women who were fed up with men because "men can be difficult," and so now they "experiment" with female relationships because they're tired of having men boss them around. ... "It's a lot of drama," she said.

                Both Saber and Here Comes the Bride have come under fire for poor service in the past, but we're guessing that business is about to get a lot worse given the new crop of comments over at message boards and

                Last time we checked, stores were in the business of selling merchandise, not deciding who should or shouldn't get married. But what do you think? Is it OK to turn down a customer who doesn't share your point of view? Or did Saber cross a line and go from business to bigotry?

                May I say one word....Lawsuit!